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Maybe you heard Bono’s comments a few months ago on the state of Christian art, especially music.

I’m talking about dishonesty that I find a lot of in Christian art. A lot of dishonesty. And I think it’s a shame because these are people who are vulnerable to God—in a good way—vulnerable. I mean porous, open. (via The Rabbit Room)

I share his complaint, being often frustrated by monotony on the radio. But I believe, too, that there are many honest Christian artists telling of struggle and pain and doubt and divorce and depression and all the rest within the context of God’s redemption, and with beautiful, raw honesty and skill.

In fact, that’s why offbeat teen began. Teenagers are the targets of huge marketing campaigns designed to make us swallow a very limited range of art, making a lot of money for a few people, and suppressing a great deal of valuable art in the process. But unusual art is still out there, and offbeat teen wants to help you find it.

Check out this response to Bono’s comments.

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