when we write

When there is no agreement, there must be empathy, or there will be unreasoning hatred.

Have you ever written to someone you never expected to answer, just wanting to use your voice, maybe to show yourself you could? Have you ever written to someone you disagreed with, maybe even hated, and found your heart changing as you wrote?

Oh, maybe your opinion didn’t change, but maybe you found grace and clarity in spite in it. When you speak to someone, even a stranger, in that personal way, perhaps it separates position from person. Allows you to question judgment without attacking character, as I believe Biden put it.

Thousands of people write to the President daily about thousands of griefs and triumphs and questions. These last eight years, the recipient has been Obama.

Read Jeanne Marie Laskas’ beautiful article here:

To Obama With Love, and Hate, and Desperation

from The NY Times


photo from unsplash