relax. breathe. and focus.

Need to crank out some homework before the week begins? Distracted by all this Super Bowl chatter? Want to relax and escape?

Try some ambient sound to fade out distractions and focus on your projects.

Here are our top five choices for sonic flow:

  1. Click here for, where you can mix and match pleasant, unobtrusive backgrounds of fire, waves, birds, nighttime, playgrounds, trains, and more.
  2. If you really need the perfect coffee shop vibe, head to coffitivity (click here), where you’ll find cafe tracks for any time of day.
  3. Ready for a thunder storm? Try Toggle the storm’s intensity, and you’ll make even math homework epic.
  4. For beautiful music that won’t distract, look no further than Explosions in the Sky, a chill post-rock group known for focus-boosting soundscapes.


5. Finally, simplest of all, head to for white, pink, or brown fuzz to tune out the chaos and get in the zone.

(And…happy super bowl Sunday.)