find some new music

Need some new beats? Here are three places to start:

  1. Gnod

    Gnod listens. Gnod learns. Gnod can see your sonic future. Type in three groups you like, and Gnod will suggest one to try. Tell Gnod if you like it, don’t, or don’t know, and it’ll give you another idea. Enjoy the Gnoosic.

  2. Music-Map

    What’s that? We already suggested this, and you loved it? Just trying to share the love! Music Map takes a single suggestion and gives you a wordcloud of likely new loves, which you can click and follow for more related music. All without showing you only bands you already know. Follow the map.

  3. Spotify

    Yeah, you’ve probably heard of this one. But Spotify is useful for more than saving old favorites. Besides featured suggestions and a wealth of playlists curated by mood and style, Spotify offers a weekly playlist of new discoveries based on your history, along with daily playlists created by combining similar artists you’ve already listened to with similar new ones. The benefit of this? You hear suggestions right away, instead of looking them up. Join the party.

Happy listening!