just fiddling (some online legos)

Whether you’re listening to a lecture or taking a study break, here are some fun ways to fiddle.

 1. Harry Potter Hangman

(it’s not as easy as I thought… time to reread the books!) Test your knowledge.

2. WeaveSilk.

This site lets you create intricate, delicate designs with a few mouse clicks. It’s entrancing.

3. Draw a Stick Man.

Yep, you start by drawing a stick man. Then keep drawing to help him escape all manner of difficulties. Start the story.

4.  Bomomo.

Digital doodling, colorful quick and addictive. Get going.

5. Typatone.

Writing is already magical. Why not make it musical? Every key has a tone, and when you’re finished, you can play back the text in its tones. Try it out

Happy fiddling!