Colony House. A four man rock ‘n’ roll group based out of Franklin, TN, currently touring their sophomore album.

And I unabashedly love this band. When I try to talk about how fabulous they are, I usually end up making passionate velociraptor noises, so I like to rely on two enthusiasm building strategies: quoting other people’s coherent descriptions, and blasting their music at every opportunity. So let’s go.

Front man Caleb Chapman tells Billboard,

We don’t want our music to be an escape from reality. We want to be part of that reality with our fans, and we want to give them an hour-and-a-half of something inspiring and hopeful. Like, everything that makes a up a good movie: devastating, tragic, but also really beautiful.

Describing their second album to Billboard, he says,

I think we wanted to shed light on feeling alone, the issue of ignoring it and letting it swallow you up, or not ignoring it and making sure that you’re continuing to be vulnerable with people.

They’re currently touring, and you can find dates here:

Now, you don’t have to love this band. That’s your choice. The wrong choice, but there you have it. Happy Monday!

(header photo by colony house)