on art and advertising

A few months ago, a small but confident bronze girl appeared across from the bronze bull charging through New York City’s financial district.

Reactions have been…mixed.

…there she is, the Fearless Girl. I love the little statue of the girl in the Peter Pan pose. And I resent that she’s a marketing tool. I love that she actually IS inspiring to young women and girls. And I resent that she’s a fraud. I love that she exists. And I resent the reasons she was created. –Greg Fallis

As inspiring as Fearless Girl is, she changes the meaning of Charging Bull, and she was created to promote an investment fund, a product of the Wall Street system she’s theoretically facing down.

So do we accept that society changes the meaning of art? Or do we stand with the creator of Charging Bull, insisting on understanding the original intent? Or something in the middle?

Read Greg Fallis’ insightful article here and tell us what you think.