You’re a teen. People expect you to only like what’s on the radio. Only read the latest dystopian. Not know–or care–about Debussy or Renoir or Dali outside of school. And yeah, you like pop, you read Harry Potter. But it’s not that simple.

You want to live life in full color surround sound. You like to be surprised. Stunned. Hooked on something crazy. Something out of left field. Something no one would expect you to love. You, the jock. the musician. the computer nerd. the student council member.

The crazy busy teen with no time or money to waste.

Welcome to offbeat teen.

Here, all you can expect is the unexpected. One day you’ll rock some rap, the next some Beethoven. Today a webcomic, tomorrow van Gogh.

We live in a crazy world full of creative people doing wildly beautiful things. In such a world, we refuse to be bored, because boredom is the product of a boring mind.

Yeah, you won’t always like what we post–so tell us why, and show us something better. Engage, and you won’t regret it. Step outside the box. It’s pretty wild out there.

We’re offbeat teens. Care to join us?




Offbeat Policy

offbeat teen is committed to providing unusual and fascinating art and articles which can interest people of all ages, but especially teens, an age group often targeted with prepackaged music and movies.

The art we suggest will be accessible to all budgets, with an emphasis on what may be freely enjoyed through services such as Youtube and Spotify, but we will not encourage or facilitate theft of intellectual property.

Though we understand that powerful art can come in risque formats, we endeavor to find art with an impact independent of cheap shock factor. We are committed to providing quality art which, when at all possible, avoids profanity and sexual content. We believe that life is much more than sex, popularity, and four letter words. With that said, the art we suggest may at times include mature content at our discretion. An editor will always review and may choose not to publish articles at any time.

We ask that our subscribers and commenters express their differing opinions respectfully. We reserve the right to delete or remove any comment or interaction we deem inappropriate, though we value the disagreement that art by nature inspires.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact us at incomingoffbeat@gmail.com.

Thanks for joining us!