introducing eric proton

From the odd artist who brought you a cross section of the planeta few equally odd, mythical, and quirky pieces.

Once every fifty years, one of the nature’s greatest wonders can be seen along the coast of the Pacific Northwest. The Aleutian Giants make their semicentennial migration southward from their remote home in the Aleutian islands, travelling nearly 6000km before disappearing off the coast of Oregon into the open ocean.

Here they are as seen from Alert Bay, British Columbia.Giants

Look at this fellow!

alein. after Eric Poulton, age 8


For more fun art from Eric Proton, including steampunk takes on Star Wars, check out his website here.


information is beautiful

That’s not just a true statement. It’s also a website founded by David McCandless, showcasing his attractive, informative, and sophisticated infographics.

These graphics cover everything from politics and news, to hipster coffee shop names and myth busting.

Our personal favorites include a breakdown of what musicians make from streaming services, and an assessment of the truth factor in some big Hollywood films.

Bonus–wondering if others share your password? Find that here, too.

And if tech is changing you in ways you don’t like, see if you recognize the signs.

Get your Monday going with a little learning at

Music Map

Looking for some new music?

I’ve memorized every riff and beat on the single album of my favorite band, their next album doesn’t release for months, and I need something new.

Enter Music Map.

When you type in a band name, it gives you a word cloud of suggestions. The closer a band’s name to your original entry, the more likely you’ll enjoy it. Click a name, and it’ll rebuild the cloud. Each time I tried, I found suggestions I’d never heard of.

It’s like that one friend who always plays the coolest, weirdest bands, taking you on a sonic journey of…okay, it’s a website. But it’s handy.

Check it out: