The Rudiments of Wisdom

This quirky visual encyclopedia includes sections covering everything from animals to religion, materials, and music. Each entry includes illustrations with information about and the history of its subject, all curiously entertaining and informative.

But my favorite section? The experiments and tricks, under the heading Boom!


Check it out here.


what’re the odds?

Math has never been a close friend of mine. But the way Ben Orlin combines math, lunacy, and the art skill of an “average sixth grader” (his wife’s words, not mine), is intriguing, frustrating, and amazing.

Check out his graph of what probability means in your profession: never tell me the odds.


And this one I love because my sister is a math major and rather brilliant but really rubbish at mental arithmetic.


Finally, I just found out that TRIANGLES DO NOT EXIST (which, for me, really sums up math.)



information is beautiful

That’s not just a true statement. It’s also a website founded by David McCandless, showcasing his attractive, informative, and sophisticated infographics.

These graphics cover everything from politics and news, to hipster coffee shop names and myth busting.

Our personal favorites include a breakdown of what musicians make from streaming services, and an assessment of the truth factor in some big Hollywood films.

Bonus–wondering if others share your password? Find that here, too.

And if tech is changing you in ways you don’t like, see if you recognize the signs.

Get your Monday going with a little learning at